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Numerology for Women, WAG WARS Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen RNumerology for Women, WAG WARS Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardyooney, Rebekah Vardy

wag wars, and relationship numerology

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    why, how and where things went wrong!

    Footballers’ wives’ ugly spats regularly dominate the UK’s media headlines. Could these have been prevented? WAG WARS Relationship numerology investigates

    Round No 1 of WAG WARS relationship numerology: Introduction

    It’s likely to be the most glamorous day that the High Court has ever seen. We’ve had WAG battles before, but they pale in comparison to the tussle that Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy are locked in. In case the showbiz story of 2019 somehow eluded you, here’s a quick recap: After months of opening the tabloids to find stories about her private life, footballer Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen came up with an ingenious plan to identify the ‘culprit’ she believed was leaking the details. Blocking all but one account on her private Instagram, Rooney concocted some false rumours about a flooded basement (if she was aware of the sexual pun here, more power to her). Later, in a tale that even a seasoned soap scriptwriter could barely summon up, Rooney made up a story about a gender selection trip to Mexico. She then identified the stories as having been seen by one account only — that of……….……… fellow WAG Rebekah. Vardy strenuously denied the allegations, pointing out that several people had access to her Instagram account. Heavily pregnant at the time, Vardy later admitted on Loose Women that she had been hospitalised over the emotional impact of the feud. Now, Vardy has reportedly filed paperwork that claims that her ex-pal libelled and slandered her on social media with serious allegations. A court listing issued on June 12 revealed Rebekah, being represented by Kingsley Napley in London, is suing Coleen, who is being represented by Liverpool’s Brabners.

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    GOLDEN RULE of Relationship Numerology: What CREATED THE CHAOS will always be visible IN THE NUMBERS.

    A literary mystery with explosive consequences is the perfect tonic for these dark times – and we scarcely deserve Rooney’s work. An unlikely national hero has emerged in famed footballer’s wife Coleen Rooney. Casually this morning, she dropped an iPhone Notes app screenshot revealing a tale of intrigue and mystery. For years, someone had allegedly been selling stories about her private life to the Sun newspaper, gleaned from her private Instagram. Rather than simply stop sharing, Rooney slowly winnowed down permissions on her account, until only one person could see the stories, then fed fake tales through to the suspect on Instagram.

    Round No 2 of WAG WARS relationship numerology: Rebekah Vardy’s Numerology

    From the detailed birth chart mapped below, the headline WAG WARS relationship numerology numbers for Rebekah Vardy, Born 17th February 1982, are: Personal Number 17//8; Shadow Personal Number 1; Family Number 2; Shadow Family Number 7; World Number 1982//20//2; Shadow World Number 7; Life Path Number 2001//3 (17+2+1982); Shadow Life Path Number 15//6; Sun / Personal Attainment Number 19//10//1; Shadow Personal Attainment Number 8; Professional Attainment Number 1999//28//10//1; Shadow Professional Attainment Number 8.

    Numerology for Women 2020 Birth Chart: Rebekah Vardy

    Numerology for Women, WAG WARS Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy

    Rebekah Vardy’s two attainment numbers, personal (TKSPE 19//10//1, top left) and professional (TKSPR 1999//28//10//1) are both 1’s. The number 1 leads, it calls the shots and loves to be in charge and is powerful synchronised with the ego. Both her shadow (as in emotional) attainment numbers (TSSPE, bottom left; TSSPR, bottom right) are 8’s. The number 8 synchs with wealth, power, status, control, authority, organising and leading others. Vardy also has the No8 as her personal number and the No1 as her shadow personal number.

    Her Family and World Numerology Numbers are 2’s and 7’s

    Her Family and World numerology numbers are 2’s and 7’s. Number 2 is the feminine energy and reveals that she has an agreeable, nurturing, emotionally aware, supportive, cooperative, and collaborative side to her. Number 7 reveals that underneath lurks the clinical one and when crossed hell hath no fury like a 7 – when angered, this number will stop at nothing to completely annihilate you and given that 7 is the number of the mind and thinking, it will achieve exactly what it sets its mind to, coldly, clinically, logically, sniper style.

    Numerology for Women, Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy

    Her Life Path Numbers are 3 and 6

    Vardy’s No6 shadow life path (TSS-LFP 15/6) is interesting to unpack. The Number 6 synchs with relationships, responsibility, sense of community, matters of the heart etc. So, if she is being true to her shadow No6 life path number then she would not dream of leaking stories about someone else’s private life because this is after all, both cynical and irresponsible. Her Number 3 life path (TKS-LFP 2001//3) reveals traits linked with creativity, communication, self-expression, fun-loving, being imaginative and inspirational. That said, do remember that the No3 is a fire energy, so in terms of WAG WARS relationship numerology, if you do something to really set her off, which Coleen has, you would have energised an inferno.

    Rebekah Vardy, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie, furiously denies any wrongdoing and said she has hired a cyber security expert to clear her name. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Vardy, 37, revealed what was said in a phone call between the two women after Rooney tweeted her allegations. “I said to her: ‘Coleen, what on earth have you done?’,” Vardy said. “It was not an easy phone call. She said to me: ‘I’m not pointing the finger’ and I said: ‘You have just annihilated me in public and hung me out to dry. The whole world hates me!’. “I thought she was my friend but she completely annihilated me. She said: ‘You know, I always really liked you, which makes it harder.”‘

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    Round No 3 of WAG WARS relationship numerology: Coleen Rooney’s Numerology

    From the detailed birth chart mapped below, the headline WAG WARS relationship numerology numbers for Coleen Rooney, Born 3rd April 1986, are: Personal Number 3; Shadow Personal Number 6; Family Number 4; Shadow Family Number 5; World Number 1986//24//6; Shadow World Number 3; Life Path Number 1993//22//4 (3+4+1986); Shadow Life Path Number 14//5; Sun / Personal Attainment Number 7; Shadow Personal Attainment Number 11//2; Professional Attainment Number 1989//27//9; Shadow Professional Attainment Number 9.

    Numerology for Women 2020 Birth Chart: Coleen Rooney

    Numerology for Women, WAG WARS Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy

    Coleen Rooney’s attainment numbers are 7, 2 (or its higher octave master number 11) and 9. The 7 and 2 were discussed in an earlier paragraph, so let us move on to her 9’s, both of which presented as her professional attainment numbers. Be warned, the No9 is the mirror ball; it reflects exactly what you want to see. This makes it incredibly powerful and alluring and if being used from the side, there is numerology number that is more viciously manipulative than the 9. It is the human shape-shifter number and because of this talent, it can easily shift circumstances and events in its favour. The No9 will easily and effortlessly exert control over everyone around it. Not so however with those who are aware, who understand numbers and who are awake to the wily ways of the 9. The light or positive side of the No9 is that it has tremendous healing capabilities. No 9 healers can get people who are stuck in darkness, to see new enlightened ways. This happens through the 9 positively channelling opportunity to them in such a manner they think its their idea or initiative.

    Numerology for Women, WAG WARS, Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy

    Her Family and Life Path Numerology Numbers are 4’s and 5’s

    Coleen Rooney, born in April, has the No4 as her Family Number. The Number 4 is a no-nonsense, law and order, justice driven energy. It absolutely has to be in control and when control is taken from it, it will rebel (that’s the childish dark side of the 5) no matter what the greater cost might be, to it and others. Numerology 4 synchs with work, focus, discipline, process, procedures, and achieving success through a methodical, step-by-step, meticulously planned approach. Where these core traits are not adhered to, as in living an irresponsible, freedom-loving, excess-driven, hedonistic life, it will exert drastic karmic lessons (through the No13) upon its owner to remind them of what they contracted with experience wise, this lifetime!

    The No’s 4 and 5 are an extremely antagonistic combination to have in a chart, because the 4 demands practical conservatism whereas the 5 craves expansive freedom. What is particularly interesting, is that Coleen Rooney has the Master Number 22 [3+4+1986 = 1993 = 1+9+9+3 = 22] Life Path Number, a number she shares with Sir Richard Branson, Meghan Markle (whose world will soon disintegrate), Oprah Winfrey. Master numbers take no prisoners! If over the years, Coleen Rooney has fallen foul of her No4 in the family and her No22 life path then 2020 is going to be the year of extreme comeuppance. Why? Because 2020 (a dramatic emotionally charged year that has proven to be nightmarish for everyone) brings the No4 into frame [2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4] as universal year energy. Anyone with 4’s in their chart will have been ruthlessly and relentlessly targeted by 2020’s No4.

    Coleen Rooney’s Personal and World / Career Numbers are 3 and 6

    Fire, Wind and Earth, in terms of WAG WARS relationship numerology, Coleen Rooney is not to be messed with. Whatever happened bubbled over around “this WAG WAR” we think had been long coming. Both women want to be in control, both want to be the alpha female, and both absolutely love to be on top and win. Just like in The Highlander movie, there can be only one!

    Rebekah Vardy’s latest Instagram post has got fans talking as the WAG shared an indirect message about her ‘enemies destroying themselves’ with her followers. Becky, 37, shared a screenshot of the quote which read: ‘Allow your enemies their space to hate; they will destroy themselves in the process’, along with the ‘praise hands’ emojis. It comes after Coleen’s shocking revelation in October that she had planted fake posts on her private Instagram story, which was only viewable by Rebekah Vardy’s account, to find out which of her friends had been selling stories on her to the press.

    Okay, so let’s get down to brass tacks. According to WAG WARS Relationship Numerology calculation, Who Wins?

    Round No 4 of WAG WARS relationship numerology: co-joined Numerology

    Having unpacked their individual Love Numerology Birth Charts for 2020, we now lock them together. This is what Co-Joined Numerology is all about, and its pure genius.

    Numerology for Women, WAG WARS Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy

    Observe all the RED circles. What numbers are they drawing your attention to? That’s right – 1’s and 8’s – the tremendously antagonistic numerology war that rages around the 1 (me, self, ego, leader, attainment, respect, being No1) and the 8 (material world, status, recognition, money, power, status, authority, organising and of course, karma!). In case you did not know this, numerology number 8 has at its very epicentre, karma! And what is karma? Karma is nothing more than a result, an outcome, it reminds us of The Law of Karma also known as The Law of Cause and Effect – as you sow, so shall you reap.

    Think about Karma in terms of Newton’s Law of Motion

    One can think of karma as the spiritual equivalent of Newton’s Law of Motion. “For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.” When we exhibit a negative force in thought, word, or action, that negative energy will come back to us. Karma is a lifestyle that promotes positive thinking and actions. Karma is not meant to be a punishment. It is present for the sake of education. How else is someone to learn how to be a good person if they are never taught that harmful action is wrong. A person only suffers if they have created the conditions for suffering.

    Given all the 8’s presenting in the above Co-Joined WAG WARS Relationship Numerology chart for Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney, what can we conclude? There is a boat load of karma between these two!

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    WAG WARS Relationship Numerology outcome… Who wins the Lawsuit?

    “Every unfortunate event does not give rise to a lawsuit.” “Where there is a will there is a lawsuit.” “Avoid lawsuits beyond all things; they pervert your conscience, impair your health, and dissipate your property.” “This is what has to be remembered about the law; beneath that cold, harsh, impersonal exterior beats a cold, harsh, impersonal heart.”

    The only way to really know what happens, WAG WARS Relationship Numerology wise, is to take their individual numerology data points and run these through our Predictive Numerology Model. The accuracy of this model is beyond anything you can even begin to imagine. It is so accurate that it reveals in a detailed case study we did on Apple Co-Founder, Steve Jobs, exactly why his pancreatic cancer presented in 2004 and our model also clearly reveals the 2018 birth of Kylie Jenner’s daughter!

    Predictive Numerology Model Data table of Annual Experience Numbers for Rebekah Vardy

    Numerology for Women, WAG WARS Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy

    Rebekah Vardy’s WAG WARS Relationship Numerology birth chart revealed that her attainment numbers were all 1’s (physical; as in above the line) and 8’s (emotional, as in below the line) plus being born on the 17th (numerology number 8) means she has number 1 energy as her shadow personal vibration. The above data table, which is completely unique to 365 Pin Code, the world’s leading applied numerology research unit, lists 2020 as being an Annual Experience Number 10//1 driven year for Vardy. This means both her personal and professional attainment numbers are in frame for this year, and only for this year (i.e. RED 1 occurs only once, shifting to 9 in 2021 and 2022). What does all this mean practically? 2020 is coded to be a year of tremendous attainment for her. Moreover, given that ALL the numbers in her 2020 data string are ODD numbers, as in 5-1-3 and 3-1-5, and because 3 is also her life path number, 2020 will therefore deliver something massively significant for her. This upshot of this chart is that you now know that Rebekah Vardy’s 2020 numerology is coded for a very favourable outcome. Let us now thoroughly investigate the identical deep data driven WAR WARS relationship numerology chart of her vexatious opponent!

    Predictive Numerology Model Data table of Annual Experience Numbers for Coleen Rooney

    Numerology for Women, WAG WARS Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy

    Coleen Rooney has Karmic Debt No19 presenting as her Annual Experience Number in 2021. This means huge trouble is on the way, guaranteed. Numerology Karmic Debt Numbers are ruthless (just ask Ghislaine Maxwell whose world has been completely ruined by Karmic Debt No14). Karmic Debt 19 links with karmic comeuppance and is associated with the enrichment of self (the 1) at the expense of others (the 9). In 2022, her Annual Experience Number is 16//7. No16 is yet another karmic debt number and whenever it presents along the life path, it talks to a moment in time of deeply troubled relationships, even potentially massive financial loss. The purpose of karmic debt 16 (think The Tower No16 major arcana) is to put a tremendously powerful seismic shockwave through a person’s world in such an extreme way that it forces them (hopefully!) to seek deeply significant spiritual answers as to why this happened to them (in other words did they do, to cause all this devastation!). The opportunity presented by a cataclysmic Karmic No16 experience resides in spiritual enlightenment and once the dots have been connected, then deciding to change the lifestyle positively, such that it is reengineered away from the rocks and out into open, clear water.

    Numerology for Women, WAG WARS, Relationship Numerology, Co-Joined Numerology, Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy

    WAG WARS Relationship Numerology outcome… Who wins the Lawsuit?

    From the numerology evidence presented above, Rebekah Vardy wins, hands down. Watch this space! Our advice to the Rooney’s would be to settle, to get it done, to just stay out of court! End it now. Given how toxically Coleen Rooney’s numbers are stacked karma wise for both 2021 and 2022, with massive fall-out for many years beyond that (through to 2030), now is the time for them to do whatever it takes to mitigate these upcoming risks. If you enjoyed this WAG WARS Relationship Numerology article / case study, then you will also love the detailed investigation we conducted into Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.


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