numerology quotes by top numerologist Suzanne Styles

Numerology for Women, Numerology Quotes, Suzanne Styles

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    numerology quotes by top numerologist Suzanne Styles

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      A wonderful collection of Top Numerology Quotes

      We get You Thinking Differently about the Nature of Numbers

      These numerology quotes are from expert female numerologist Suzanne Styles, the co-founder of 365 Pin Code, Numerology UK, and Numerology for Women. Her vision is to see numerology, which is thought by many to have only entertainment value, taken seriously. Suzanne believes that all the ground-breaking research that her Futurist Group of Companies are conducting, will create a shift so dramatic, that in the not too distant future, the world will cease to view numerology as being just “Woo-Woo-Science.” Suzanne is adamant that what your numbers can reveal is so powerful, that soon everyone will be talking about The Science of Numerology.

      Numerology Quotes about Numbers & Life

      “Numerology number 1 is all about the ego, being the leader, calling the shots and being respected. It is an intensely masculine energy. Disrespect someone who has the number 1 powerfully represented in their 365 Pin Code Numerology Profile and you will have made an enemy for life. 1’s love to think, so if you want to have them eating out of your little feminine hand, just ask them what they think.” Suzanne Styles

      “Numerology number 2 is the polar opposite of 1, making it the essence of femininity. The harmony and equilibrium seeking number 2 is quite happy to work cooperatively and collaboratively behind the scenes. But do not ever underestimate the power of the 2. Whilst masculine natured 1’s might boldly and bravely strut their leadership stuff, if they collapse in a heap, it’s the feminine power of the 2 that picks them up, dusts them off and gets them back on track!” Suzanne Styles

      “Numerology Number 3 is the fiery one. This is the creative blast that flows from the fusion of masculine 1 and feminine 2. The imaginative one, the communicative one, the self-expressive one. Threes are the chatterboxes of this world and they love to talk, and design and live in their imagination-driven bubble. 3’s are hugely inspirational people but always beware their temper! The volatile artist. Almost forgot, 3’s love to party.” Suzanne Styles

      “So many numerology quotes on the web are linked to the Law of Attraction. I think there is so much more to numerology than this. This line of thinking dumbs down numerology, giving it entertainment value when in fact, numerology if done properly, is the means through which you can comprehensively unlock a person’s true genius.” Suzanne Styles

      “Life is so complicated nowadays. We are constantly being assaulted by brilliantly crafted adverts telling us to be this, to do that, to think this, to look like that. This creates so much internal confusion in the lives of so many. What I love most about numerology and more specifically 365 Pin Code Numerology, is that through our unique bespoke numerological matrix, we are gifted the opportunity to stay fully connected to our numbers and life path journey.” Suzanne Styles

      “Numerology number 4 is the number I am 100% comfortable with. Why? Because I am born on the 13th and in numerology, 13 reduces to 4. This is the number of work, focus, discipline, systems, procedures, practicality, justice, outputs and law and order. There might not be much fluffy or sexy about the heavily earthed 4 but it gets things done so do not get in the way nor interfere with the 4 when it is busy. I pity anyone born on the 13th who does not apply themselves. Karmic debt number 13 will eventually savage them. There’s nowhere to hide from the karmic debt numbers which are 13, 14, 16 and 19.” Suzanne Styles

      Numerology for Women, Numerology Readings, Numerology Quotes, Suzanne Styles

      Numerology Quotes about Numbers & Sex

      “Numerology number 5 is sex, adrenaline, challenging the status quo and adventure. Hellraisers. The 5 is driven by the 5-senses which are see, smell, taste, touch and hear. It is the human experience they seek, and they just love you drink deeply from what the trough of life can offer them. 5’s are incredibly quick assimilators of information and they know exactly how to twist things to their advantage. That is why 5’s are such brilliant sales people. 5’s love to live on the edge but this is often their undoing. I really feel for those who have to deal with karmic debt 14//5, because more often than not they are unable to find that happy medium, which means living a life of moderation.” Suzanne Styles

      “Numerology number 6 is always summed up as home is where the heart is. This is family, relationships, responsibility, a sense of community, grace, and gratitude, caring for others. My daughter has a 6 life path and I can see all these traits powerfully expressing themselves through her in every way, ever day. 6’s like to get their own way and love to be validated, so be warned, when they feel that they have been overlooked or ignored ‘the princess vibration’ comes out and hell hath no fury like a scorned princess. Be very wary of someone with 6’s in their chart who does not like nor related well to, animals.” Suzanne Styles

      “At 365 Pin Code we have done some fabulous research on relationship compatibility numbers and love numerology. It fascinates me that when it comes to sex problems, two of the biggest culprits are the numbers 4 and 5. When applying our co-joined numerology techniques to analyse where things are going wrong in the bedroom, it is amazing to see how often 4 and 5 will pop up. 5 wants to spice things up, whereas 4 is conservative. These are two of the most antagonistic numbers in numerology.” Suzanne Styles

      Numerology for Women, Numerology Readings, Numerology Quotes, Suzanne Styles

      Numerology Quotes about Numbers, Thought Leadership, Money, & Shape Shifters!

      “Numerology number 7 is the thinker, it is the number that synchronises with research, analysis, critical thinking, risk management and of course, thought leadership. The No7 is a cool customer but remember, the shadow number of 7 is 2, so even though it may be hard to believe at times, there is an emotional heartbeat inside somewhere. 7’s are great at crisis management because they do not get flustered easily. I am married to someone who has loads of 7’s and 2’s in his birth chart. He lives inside his massively intelligent head, but that’s what I find so very attractive.” Suzanne Styles

      “Numerology number 8 is the number of money. Many 8’s I have helped analyse walk, talk, think, live, eat, sleep and drink money, business, power, status, authority etc. They are naturally coded to want to master the material realm and many do, very successfully. The downside of the 8 is they simply have to control everything! Oh yes, and they always know better. You would do well to watch No8 business partners very carefully when it comes to the company purse strings. They are usually excellent with money but because this is a gift of theirs, beware they are not pulling the wool over your eyes. You’d be surprised at how many billionaires have the No8 presenting as a karmic lesson. Until they learn to master money, money will master them, just ask Jamie Oliver!” Suzanne Styles

      “Numerology number 9. Ah yes, the very intelligent, quick witted, shape shifter. I have some lovely No9’s who just want to help heal the world and who literally spend every waking moment trying to elevate the collective consciousness of this world to the truth that we’re constantly doing untold damage to Nature. Then there are the 9’s who talk a great game but are actually all in it for themselves. The No 9 you see, is the number of completion, therefore, all the other numbers exist within it. So, when you look at a chart with 9’s, remember to focus on the other numbers too because the 9 will always amplify the traits present in the other numbers. My experiences have taught me to be extremely cautious of people who have the numbers 5, 7 and 9 appearing in their birth chart. Invariably what you think to be true about them is everything but the truth.” Suzanne Styles

      Numerology Quotes about Master Numbers

      Master Number 11 is a massively complicated vibration to master. Its owner is constantly struggling with finding the balance between the masculine and feminine energies. This can sometimes cause them to appear somewhat neurotic. Children who have this intellectually charged master number presenting in their numerology often have very difficult and challenging childhoods. It is as if their life path contract is one which sees them being put through extreme circumstances at a young age. Those 11’s who manage to successfully mature into the balanced Ying Yang of the 11 are some of the most enlightening people you will ever meet.” Suzanne Styles

      “Master Number 22, the one who dreams big and who, if they get it right, makes it big. This is the number of the master builder and build they must. I think of all the master numbers, this must be the most gifted, because it is somehow able to transmute the inspired vision of the 11, into the practical form-like outcome of the 4, just on a massive scale, hence the 22. When I had my Airport Media company, I met Sir Richard Branson many times. He has a No22 life path. It was so obvious that his phenomenal success flowed from how he successfully leveraged the abilities of others.” Suzanne Styles

      Numerology for Women, Numerology Readings, Numerology Quotes, Suzanne Styles

      Numerology Quotes about Strategy

      “Years back, when I was first introduced to numerology, I did not think it to be strategic. The numerologist who read my numbers kept everything very high level and whilst it was all very interesting, it’s not like I walked out of the two hour session completely blown away by what I had been told. Only many years later, when Chris, a research scientist, began to test how numerology could power strategy, did the lights really go on for me. It was then when I realised that every woman should understand her numbers and then think and plan around them. It made so much sense. We are such complex beings that there had to be some clever mathematical design to us.” Suzanne Styles

      And that is a wrap!

      We hope that you have enjoyed this collection of numerology quotes by Suzanne Styles. This quote by Maya Angelou, reminds us that we are all connected: “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” The final numerology quote of this article is: “The most important thing a woman can ever do, is to understand herself. 365 Pin Code Numerology will help her achieve this.”

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      Numerology for Women, Numerology Readings, Numerology Quotes, Suzanne Styles

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      Numerology for Women, Numerology Readings, Numerology Quotes, Suzanne Styles

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      Numerology for Women, Numerology Readings, Numerology Quotes, Suzanne Styles

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