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name change advice

name change advice


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Before deciding to change your name understand the numerology karmic lesson implications!

What happens if you type “what is the best numerology name change advice I can get” into the search bar of Google?

name change advice

A number of “helpful videos” appear. The name change advice many give, is to openly encourage you to be brave enough to ahead and do it, stating that for a fee, they can provide you with ‘the right’ name change advice. These videos and the misguided numerology name change advice literature that exists right now, literally makes our blood run cold. Many numerologists who are okaying name changes, or worse still actively advocating them, do not have a clue what they are encouraging you to do, nor do they fully comprehend the extreme personal risk which accompanies a name change.

name change advice

We are sure that if they did fully understand the numerology karmic lesson implications which go with name changes, they would not so readily be sending clients down what can prove to be a hugely destructive road. That is why whenever a client approaches us to help her with name change advice, our first point of departure is to use The Precautionary Approach. This method has as it central tents: first seek to understand why, then meticulously collect and analyse data, then think things through critically and carefully and only then, offer risk-based advice.


numerology name change experts

Since we started conducting in-depth case study based numerology research and approaching things as a research scientist would, which is to question and investigate everything using test and learn empirical data collection methodologies, we have discovered much with regards to name changes. This work now positions us the numerology name change advice experts. What we have discovered, especially from conducting extensive lifepath modelling exercises, is that your birth name is no random accident.


  • who you are

  • what you will experience

  • what you need to learn

  • how you will express yourself

  • your personality

  • your hidden passion

  • your karmic lessons

  • your soul urge

name change advice

The timing of significant events along your life path and so much more, is mathematically coded into your name. Given this, we strongly advise women who whimsically decide that they want to change their name because some ill-founded notion has them believing that doing this will dramatically improve their lives, to seriously rethink what they are about to do!


your life path number level

Our name change advice numerology research (conducted through 365 Pin Code, the R&D arm of our Group of SME Futurist Specialist Companies including Numerology UK etc.) proves beyond all reasonable doubt that when you as a woman change your name, you change literally everything about who you are. So, unless you fully understand what all these changes (here we are referring to absolutely every change) mean and their associated impact at life path level, never mind your jumping from the frying pan into the fire, you could literally be jumping into a raging inferno!

Mathematical Life Path Modelling reveals what your Experience Changes would be

So, before you willy-nilly decide to change your name, the best name change advice we can give you is to please ensure that you know exactly what these multidimensional changes mean.

name change advice

Not just on a macro-level (as in your expression number, balance number, karmic lessons etc.) but also on a micro-level. By micro-level, we mean the level at which Futurist Numerology mathematical modelling happens. This is what we specialise at. Our work ensures that your life path’s annual coding gets laid out before you and then interpreted line by line, so that you understand exactly what you are letting yourself in for, warts and all.

name change advice

This interpretive modelling requires advanced level numerology skills. Our numerology life path modelling exercise unpacks your world in 4D, personal physical, personal emotional, professional physical and professional emotional. We are currently refining a 6D model which brings your balance numbers into play. Our initial testing results of this 6D model are superb, so it seems we can take this even more advance predictive numerology live in Q4 of 2020.

Reduce Personal Risk by applying The Precautionary Principle

In conclusion, when it comes to wanting to change your name, please get the best possible name change advice and always exercise extreme caution. Get more than one opinion. Apply the Precautionary Approach and first seek to understand what all the numerology karmic lesson risks are. Then, if you decided to proceed, you are making a fully informed decision.


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