the master number 11 life path journey

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the master number 11 life path journey

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    The truly Enlightened, massively Intuitive One – the master number 11 life path journey

    Welcome to the Fascinating World of Master Numbers!

    This will help you better understand the twists and turns of the supercharged Master Number 11 Life Path

    Your life path is a journey which has much coded into it and if you have a Master Number 11 Life Path (MN-11) you are going to have many very difficult experiences present, because mastery, which is what you signed up for to know and experience, is only ever attained through extreme adversity. The purest iron is always forged in the hottest fires! We know this because we have cracked the life path numbers code. Newsflash – you did not know that your unique life path had more than just one number, did you?

    You are Grand Organised Design or an Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint

    After many years of intense numerology case study research, we have refined a mathematical model that can successfully lay out your entire life path before, in numerical notation. Sound to good to be true? Stop doubting – we have proven beyond reasonable doubt that everything you will experience this lifetime, past, present, and future, is hardwired into your numbers. Stated differently, the moment a person was born and named, their bespoke numerology datapoints synchronised into a human, physical, experiential design in perfect accordance with their Organised Design or Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint. Okay, enough about all the mathematical numerology modelling that we specialise in, let us now place our focus squarely on helping you to understand the emotionally charged, often anxiety filled, MN-11 Life Path.

    MN-11 Life Path links with The Mind, Thought, The Cosmos

    Master Number 11 functions within the invisible or intangible realm of the mind. It is super-intelligent, ideas driven and leverages intuition, vision, and emotions to provide what might be deemed as prophetically inspired moments of pure enlightened genius. Learn to think of the master number 11 in this way, as being ‘Mind over Matter’ which implies that whatever you create (as in matter being aggregated into form, or something being shaped such that it has material substance and firm structure) first started in the workshop of your mind, in your creative imagination. Napoleon Hill writes in his international bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, that: “Through the faculty of your creative imagination, your finite human mind has direct communication with the infinite intelligence of the Universe. Creative imagination is the faculty through which all ‘hunches’ and ‘inspirations’ are received. It is by this faculty that all new ideas are developed. It is through this psychic faculty that the thought vibrations of others are received. This faculty only functions when your conscious mind is vibrating at an extremely high rate, as happens when you are stimulated through the emotion of a strong desire. All great leaders became great because they developed their faculty of creative imagination.”

    Balanced Leadership, numerology articles, about numerology, master number 11 life path, numerology for women, mastering intuition

    Golden Moment: The Master Number 11 Life Path is all about Balanced Leadership and Equilibrated Consciousness

    Pause for a moment and really internalise this numerology intelligence: number 1 is The Alpha Energy, the essence of masculinity. It is the universal vibration of the Confident Natural Leader and The Original Creator. Take this fact, turbocharge it [as in now there are 2×1’s (11 = 2×1’)], add an equal and opposite does of feminine energy into the mix (11 = 1+2 = 2; the essence of femininity) and you have master number 11. What makes the Master Number 11 Life Path so extraordinary, is that its owner can move between the masculine and the feminine energy with consummate ease! Now please do not tell us for one moment that having master number 11 energy in your numerology and knowing how to strategically leverage this (yes, numerology is a strategic enabler), is not a massive competitive advantage to have in life.

    Those who have this gift, can literally shape shift in an instant, into either male or female, being aggressive or passivity, leading or supporting. Are you now starting to understand how incredibly powerful having a Master Number 11 Life Path really is? Thing is, learning to intelligently shape shift between these two massively polarised energies, the 1 and the 2, is where the major challenges will always lie. Therefore, this is where all the personal development work must focus. Too much of the one (as in the number 1, male) and the other (as in the number 2, female) will feel compromised and left out and it will therefore reassert itself back into frame. Why? Because the journey of the 11 is to discover balance and equilibrium – more specifically Balanced Leadership (as in being able to see merit in both sides) and Equilibrated Consciousness (remember: creativity, which resides within numerology number 3, requires masculine [1] and feminine [2]).

    MN-11 – The Master Intuitive, The Master Visionary

    The challenges linked with the No11 do not end there though. Number 2 energy is harmonious and feminine and therefore synchs with intuition (think Tarot major arcana No2 The High Priestess). For deeper levels of understanding, it is always a good idea when working with numerology numbers to seek out their tarot equivalent. People with the master number 11 life path have tremendous psychic potentiality coded into them, but this gift must be developed, and that is why the MN-11 is often referred to as The Master Intuitive. MN-11 also carries within it visionary potentiality, given that the two 1’s that form the 11, reach skyward like lightning conductors and this literally blesses their owner with the phenomenal ability to connect with lightning bolt like moments of inspiration from above, from The Higher Authority or Source Energy. These inspired, visions must never be ignored – they are powerful messages to you from above, from the ethereal realm, and your job is to then do something practical with them, to turn thought (invisible) into matter (visible, tangible).

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    Who can we Use case study wise that has a Master Number 11 life path?

    Kendall Nicole Jenner, Born: 3rd of November 1995. Her Physical Life Path Number is: Birth DD + Birth MM + Birth YYYY = 3+11+1995 = 2009 = 2+0+0+9 = 11; Master Number 11 life path! Her Shadow Life Path Number is 6+7+3 = 16//7 – this brings karmic debt No16 into frame which usually indicates that her life path journey may well be plagued by emotionally draining and damaging relationships which then force her into a journey of seeking deeply significant spiritually enlightening answers as to why this is so / how life works / the laws of the universe etc. Being born in the month of November, the 11th month of the year, brings the master number 11 in to play again, so she actually has the No11 presenting twice in her birth chart, as her lie path number and as her family / intimate number!

    numerology articles, about numerology, master number 11 life path, numerology for women, mastering intuition

    What is the Single Biggest mistake You Can make with the Master Number 11 Life Path?

    The single biggest mistake you can make is to not align what you do and how you it with what the master number 11 demands of you, which is intuitive, harmonious, balanced and enlightened leadership. The master number 11 life path journey will at some moment along your timeline, force you into the spotlight, so be prepared for this. That is what having 2×1’s in your life path does, because the No1 is forever looking to be exactly that, numero uno (the brave leader). Then there is the flip side to this, the No2 energy which is very comfortable unobtrusively supporting everyone from behind the scenes (the supportive nurturer). Your primary personal development focus must be to learn how to switch between these two extremes, efficiently, effectively and in the right moment.

    The biggest mistake, tragically, that most numerologists will make is to calculate your life path number and then explain it to you in isolation from all your other numbers. They also do not calculate nor factor in your shadow life path number. Huge mistake! The result of this limiting approach is that they will only ever give you a rudimentary understanding at best, of how your life path numbers really works. Therefore, the single biggest mistake people with a Master Number 11 Life Path make, is to think of their life path number, and what it means, in silo fashion. They fail to integrate it with all their other numbers and so they never get the full picture.

    Here is a practical example to illustrate what we mean

    Female Study Subject A: Born 28th of August 1973

    Birth DD: 28; Birth MM: August: 8; Birth YYYY: 1973; Life Path Number = 28+8+1973 = 2009 (her karmic year) = 2+0+0+9 = 11; MN-11. Her personal number is 28//10//1. Her family number is 8. Her world / career number is 1973//20//2.

    Female Study Subject B: Born 23rd of September 1977

    Birth DD: 23; Birth MM: September: 9; Birth YYYY: 1977; Life Path Number = 23+9+1977 = 2009 (her karmic year) = 2+0+0+9 = 11; MN-11. Her personal number is 23//5. Her family number is 9. Her world / career number is 1977//23//5.

    Yes, they share the same life path number, but can you see how different the backing numbers (personal, family, world) are? Therefore, the core numerical ingredients that make up their master number driven life path, are as different as night and day. Given this, how can their life path journey then be same? It cannot! And that is why your life path number must be analysed and interpreted against a whole array of other critically important numerology numbers that are unique to you and only you!

    MN-11 is the Illuminating and Enlightening Vibration!

    Final words on the MN-11: it is the number of illumination and enlightenment. It therefore lights up all that which lurks, out of sight, in the shadows. Take 2018 for example (2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11) as MN-11 universal year. Just think back to how much was unexpectedly lit up that year in your life (as the owner of a master number 11 life path) and in the lives of others too! The purpose of this was to reveal that which needed to be addressed and fixed so that much-needed healing could happen. This explains why MN-11 carries within it the innate gift of healing. The bearer of the No11 literally lights up the darkness in the other person’s life, revealing exactly where all the most damaging, emotionally suppurating wounds lie. What happened in 2018, illumination wise, will happen again in 2027 when the MN-11 universal energy will be powered by the Nos 2 and 7.


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