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love numerology

love numerology


relationship compatibility issues

fix your most painful family, marriage, workplace colleague or business partner relationship compatibility issues with love numerology

Love Numerology may sound somewhat twee, but do get over yourself, because it uses numbers and years of research based work to help you understand exactly how to proactively address all the relationship compatibility issues you have with your marriage partner, family members, workplace colleagues, even business partners!

This style of numerology is most definitely not “away-with-the-fairies.” If you are prepared to embrace what your love numerology numbers say, you should be able to intelligently shift your most damaging relationships away from being a continual source of personal pain, to providing you with much consciously enlightened gain.

love numerology

love relationships

everything is so totally perfect, i am literally walking on air…

love numerology

family relationships

everything is so totally perfect, i am literally walking on air…

love numerology

work relationships

everything is so totally perfect, i am literally walking on air…



co-joined numerology research

365 Pin Code is the Numerology Research and Development arm of our Futurist Group of Companies.

Their research forms what we present to you, information wise, through Numerology for Women. Back in 2018, to better understand why so much conflict exists between individuals, or stated another way, to try and somehow make sense of All The Karma that must exist between two people who ‘absolutely loathe’ each other, 365PC developed Co-Joined Numerology Charts

love numerology

What exactly does Entry Level Co-Joined Love Numerology reveal?

Let us use the current 2020 UK WAG WAR between Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney as a VERY EXTREME case study to show you how we go about assessing two people’s numbers to try to understand why it all went so horribly wrong relationship compatibility wise…


rebekah vardy

Why she is so very furious

Rebekah Vardy is said to have felt “suicidal” following her row with Coleen Rooney last year, new court documents reveal. The documents, written by Rebekah Vardy’s lawyers, say the fallout from the claim affected her mental and physical health – and the health of her family too. They say “she suffered from severe panic attacks and anxiety which manifested in being scared to leave the house”. Vardy, who was seven months pregnant at the time of Rooney’s post, “was taken to hospital three times while pregnant as she suffered anxiety attacks as a result of the post and the repercussions of it”. Rebekah Vardy’s lawyers say she was made to feel like a “scapegoat” and they also claim Rooney posted “in a calculated and deliberate manner that was designed to cause very serious harm and enormous distress.”

numerology for women

Rebekah Vardy, born on the 17th of February 1982

Here are the Headline Love Numerology Numbers for 2020

Personal Number 8 [DD = 17th, 17=1+7=8; 17//8]; Shadow Personal Number 1

Family Number 2 [MM = February]; Shadow Family Number 7

World Number 1982//20//2 [YYYY = 1982]; Shadow World Number 7

Life Path Number 2001//3 (17+2+1982) – The Expressive Creative; Shadow Life Path Number 15//6 (1+7+7 = 15)

Sun Number or Personal Attainment Number 19//10//1 (19 is a numerology karmic debt number); Shadow Personal Attainment Number 8

Personal Year Number 23//5; Shadow Personal Year Number 12//3

Professional Attainment Number 1999//28//10//1; Shadow Professional Attainment Number 8

Professional Year Number 5; Shadow Professional Year Number 12//3

Rebekah Vardy

What do Rebekah Vardy’s Love Numerology Numbers reveal around 2020?

Rebekah chart has a most positive mix of:

1’s and 8’s (leadership, power, money, status)

3’s and 6’s (creativity and responsibility)

2’s and 7’s (feminine energy and thought leadership).

Her two No1 attainment numbers (Personal 19//10//1, see TKSPE top left; Professional 1999/28//10//1, see TKSPR top right) clearly show that she is the Alpha Female.

No1 is the number of the leader and so it likes to call the shots and be in charge.

Her chart for 2020 has zero 4’s in it which bodes well, especially considering the ugly lawsuit that is about to go down between her and Coleen Rooney.


coleen rooney

And this is how the WAG WAR began

On the 9th of October 2019, Coleen Rooney made a Twitter post explaining that posts from her private Instagram account were being leaked to The Sun newspaper. She admitted that to catch out who was selling the stories, she had restricted access on who could see the posts. She revealed that the only viewer of these posts was Rebekah Vardy’s account, therefore insinuating that she was the culprit. This Tweet went viral, being dubbed the ‘Wagatha Christie’ scandal (a play on words of famous mystery writer Agatha Christie, and the football term ‘WAG’). Vardy responded on her own Twitter account, denying the claims and insinuating that her Instagram had been hacked. In June 2020 news broke that Vardy is taking Rooney to court for defamation, with legal costs reportedly set to hit £500,000 on each side.

numerology for women

Coleen Rooney, born on the 3rd April 1986

Here are the Headline Love Numerology Numbers for 2020

Personal Number 3 [DD = 3rd]; Shadow Personal Number 6

Family Number 4 [MM = April]; Shadow Family Number 5

World Number 1986//24//6 [YYYY = 1986]; Shadow World Number 3

Life Path Number 1993//22//4 (3+4+1986) – The Master Builder; Shadow Life Path Number 14//5 (6+5+3 = 14; 14 is a numerology karmic debt number!)

Sun Number or Personal Attainment Number 7; Shadow Personal Attainment Number 11//2

Personal Year Number 11//2; Shadow Personal Year Number 11//2

Professional Attainment Number 1989//27//9; Shadow Professional Attainment Number 9

Professional Year Number 13//4; Shadow Professional Year Number 13//4

Colleen Rooney

What do Rooney’s Love Numerology Numbers reveal around 2020?

2020 (2020=2+0+2+0= 4) is a Number 4 Universal Year. The brick-like hardness and ruthless harshness of 2020’s Numerology No4 links primarily with justice, judgement and law and order.

The No4 is best summed up as taking no prisoners and when functioning from its dark side, its modus operandi is my way or the highway! Look at Coleen Rooney’s birth chart for 2020; see how many 4’s she has in play in 2020?

That should serve to be a massive warning to her, plus she has a Master Number 22//4 life path, so the No4 of 2020 will synch with and target her world at life path level.

Seeing a whole lot of No4 convergences presenting like this means things are about to get very intense for her!

Having unpacked their individual Love Numerology Birth Chart Numbers for 2020, we now lock them together. This is what Co-Joined Numerology is all about, and its pure genius.


rebekah vardy & coleen rooney

Co-Joined Personal Number 20//2; Co-joined Shadow Personal Number 7

Co-Joined Family Number 6; Shadow Family Number 3

Co-Joined World Number 3968//26//8; Shadow World Number 1

Co-Joined Life Path Number 3994//25//7; Shadow Life Path Number 11//2

Co-Joined Sun Number or Personal Attainment Number 26//8; Co-Joined Shadow Personal Attainment Number 10//1

Co-Joined Personal Year Number 12//3; Co-Joined Shadow Personal Year Number 5//5

Co-Joined Professional Attainment Number 3988//28//10//1; Co-Joined Shadow Professional Attainment Number 8

Co-Joined Professional Year Number 5; Co-Joined Shadow Professional Year Number 12//3

What do these Co-Joined Love Numerology Numbers reveal about the Nature of their Relationship?

When combining the birth chart numbers of Rebekah Vardy with the birth chart numbers of Coleen Rooney, what love numerology result do we get? TNT… Take a careful look at all the RED numbers listed above and note the repeating occurrence in the attainments.

What numerology numbers are in play here?

That is correct, 1’s (‘The Alpha Energy’: must take charge and lead) and 8’s (‘The Leo Energy’: must be in control and organise). When it comes to love numerology, always remember that 1 and 8 do not go well together; neither for that matter do 2 and 7, 3 and 6 and especially 4 and 5 (hard evidence of the 4&5 antagonism sits within the love numerology charts of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman). 1 and 8 are what we call antagonistic numerology numbers and because 1+8=9 (an enlightening numerology moment for you!) they also represent opposite ends (polarity) of the spectrum. Numerology number 1 synchs with leadership, the ego, being in charge, calling the shots. Numerology number 8 synchs with leading others, money, power, authority, status, organising, being in control, and of course, karma and legal issues (you’d be shocked to know how many successful litigators have the No8 presenting powerfully within their numerology charts)!

There you have it, right before your very eyes, the Love Numerology Co-Joined Numbers for Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney (‘The UKs WAGS at WAR’) explain why things have gotten so acrimonious between the two and turned into what will be an all-out, expensive, media-fuelled, legal war.

In a nutshell, this is one massive ego-fuelled power struggle and it will always be that way because of how their numbers are put together. Thing is, given that 2020 is a year of reckoning and because Coleen Rooney has SO many 4’s in her personal numerology birth chart, the probability of the lawsuit being awarded in favour of Rebekah Vardy is extremely high! Also, if you return to Rebekah Vardy’s individual numbers you will see she has many 1’s and 8’s which again, is in her favour. Therefore, Rooney family, be warned; the outcome of this trail could potentially present you with untold long-term reputational damage.


all your relationship compatibility risks

love numerology

The reason we chose love numerology and relationship compatibility risks to be one of the major focal points of Numerology for Women, is because all too often we just jump headlong into relationships, even our most intimate relationships, without first carefully assessing the risks involved.

numerology for women

Thing is, apart from the ‘he-said, she-said’ knowledge that exists around a person, there is precious little out there to help one person intelligently another. Love Numerology helps you to address this massively important intellectual gap.

numerology for women

Using numerology relationship compatibility assessment methods that are much more advanced than the one we shared above for Rebekah and Coleen, we help you to get the much bigger picture. When you do, you enter your new relationship with eyes wide open.


works across the board

It does not matter whether it is a new lover, or a new work colleague or a new business partner, the approaches we use, work across the board; they are cross-functional. And when it comes to those deeply hurtful family and marriage relationships that just are not working, our analytics will work too. They will help you to understand why that relationship is in the diabolical state it is. Once you know and understand THE WHY, we can then help you with THE HOW. We use what the Love Numerology analytics revealed about both parties, to develop bespoke numerology success strategies. The purpose of this to help you to own your part in all this trouble (it takes two to tango!) and to then equip you with the know-how required to practically shift this destructive relationship away from pain and onward to gain.


get your relationships sorted



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